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Acuario - Manuel García by Sergio Cancino (Book)

Acuario - Manuel García by Sergio Cancino (Book)

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"Acuario" (2012) is a unique chapter in the work of the Arican singer-songwriter: its synthetic and retrofuturistic envelope surprised fans and critics, while his lyrics avoided a pamphleteering outburst in line with the social effervescence of the time. García explored a new way of composing and collaborating, together with producer Marcelo Aldunate. This book traces the origins of an album inspired by science fiction, electronic pop and multiple influences accumulated over decades. Journalist Sergio Cancino interviews the protagonists of the story and delves into their personal interpretation of eleven songs that marked his life. Machines and blood, poetry and dance, scenes from Blade Runner and Battlestar Galactica in the background.

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