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La piedra redonda

Pateando Piedras - Los Prisioneros by Francisco Ortega (Book)

Pateando Piedras - Los Prisioneros by Francisco Ortega (Book)

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“Do you remember when my dad had to kick stones? I know you remember because, of all our parents, mine was the only one who got fired. Of course, it didn't happen like in the Powerhouse; “There were no iron ghosts, no rotten industries, no workers turned into zombies trying to reach the great machine.”

With the album Patando Piedras (1986) as a common thread, the prominent novelist Francisco Ortega unfolds the story of three friends from a small town in the south of Chile, who discover love, heartbreak, hope and sadness, with Los Prisioneros as soundtrack. Accompanied by fragments of that album that founded their youth, they grow up, leave the town, separate and meet again in song lyrics and in the intertexts of the protagonist, a writer who is a fan of science fiction and comics, and the only one of the three who managed to moderately be what he wanted. Through virtuous dialogues and a gray, latent sadness, Ortega tells us about the journey of a broken and aspirational generation, who experienced the disappointment of a future as empty as themselves.

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